How to Support Someone Going Through Pet Bereavement

Anytime someone loses a pet, there’s a period of grief that feels like it could last forever. It’s hard to see someone go through that pain, and it’s even harder to figure out how you can help. Perhaps you are wondering, is there anything you can do to support someone going through pet bereavement?

There are ways to help your friends and family deal with their loss. Here are some things that you can do.

By showing them that you’re there, you’ll do more than you can imagine for someone who’s experiencing grief.

Acknowledge Their Pain

One of the worst things you can say to someone grieving is that “it’s just a dog” or “it’s only a cat.” Understand that most people view their pets as an extended member of their family.

The loss of a dog or the loss of a pet is as painful to some as losing a family member. It’s not even surprising to hear some say that they would rather lose some of their relatives than the death of their beloved pets.

The pain is as real as the years they spent together, in good times and in bad. The anguish that people feel over a deceased pet is valid and deserves sympathy. You should never attempt to downplay their emotional response.

The best thing to do in this situation is to acknowledge their pain by showing empathy. You could tell them that you’re sorry for their loss and that they had to go through this.

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Listen And Respect Their Wishes

Everyone grieves in their own way. Some people want to be around large groups, while others need space to collect their thoughts. Both methods are valid and should be respected.

If someone needs a few days to manage themselves, let them know that you’ll be there when they need you. Don’t harass them to go out or tell them how to mourn.

If they say that they need someone around them or feel like they want to have someone with them but do not want to burden others, give them a little bit of your time. It can go a long way.

They’ll understand that you have other commitments, but the simple act of checking on them once in a while, through voice or video calls, text messages, or a short visit would let them know that they are not alone in their time of grieving.

You should also actively listen. Instead of trying to find the perfect thing to say, let them speak. Let them work through their emotions and provide a caring ear for them.

Grieving people know that you won’t know what to say when a pet dies, and that’s okay. They’re more interested in learning that they aren’t alone in their time of need than they are in hearing a profound piece of advice.

Help Memorialize Their Pet

One way that people cope with loss is to memorialize their pets. They set up pictures, urns, and other reminders of their furry friend’s life. Memorializing is a powerful way for them to cope with their loss.

You can help them set this up. Go through pictures and help them pick out the best ones. If they need assistance in contacting pet funerals, be with them in the process. You can check our inventory to view our available pet urns and cremation jewelry. All in all, show your support and help them come through on the other side.

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Show Compassion and Love

The best answer to how to comfort someone who lost a pet is simply love and compassion. By showing them that you’re there, you’ll do more than you can imagine for someone who’s experiencing grief.

Treat those going through pet bereavement with compassion and be there for them when they need it. Acknowledge the pain, and you’ll help alleviate it.