Pet Funerals: An Honorable Farewell to Our Beloved Companions

We know how difficult it is to deal with the deep wounds caused by our pets’ loss. The immense pain we feel from their passing is justified and should not be diminished in any way, including how we cope with it. Having a pet funeral lets us offer our respects to the life our late furry friends spent with us.

Not everyone has a keen heart for pets. However, those who do, know how deeply intimate a relationship could be between animal companions and their humans. These adorable creatures often play distinct roles in many’s lives as they become an integral part of the household.

The immense pain we feel from their passing is justified and should not be diminished in any way, including how we cope with it.

In 2020 alone, American families’ estimated total expenditure on their pets is almost $100 billion. Statistics shows our deep investment in our companions at home. We provide for them , including access to nutritious food and decent living conditions.

Furthermore, recent trends have shown an increase in the demand for an extraordinary way of expressing love to our animal friends – having a pet funeral when they pass away.

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Perhaps all pet owners dread the day of their pets’ eternal rest. It will eventually come, and while we can never be truly ready when it does, it helps that we have some options on giving them an honorable burial through a pet funeral. Dr. Sarah Wooten, one of the leading experts in veterinary medicine, suggests that having a pet funeral is helpful in dealing with grief and sorrow caused by the loss of our beloved pets.

In Scotland, a primary school class who got fish as class pets held a Viking funeral, a traditional Norse ceremony send-off, as the students mourned for their losses. In Japan, a Buddhist funeral for pets is open for the bereaved who want to cremate their beloved companions.

You often have two options when planning to have a pet funeral - either have a do-it-yourself pet funeral at home, or you could hire a pet funeral home service to arrange it for you. Your choice would vary, usually on your capacity to set up a pet funeral at home.

Have a DIY Pet Funeral

A pet funeral at home is considered by owners who want to have an intimate and personal commemoration of their deceased pet. It allows you to bond over with your family as you recall memories while setting up your pet’s funeral at home. However, managing all the preparations for it while grieving is complicated and could prove impossible.

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Hire a Pet Funeral Home Service

Another option is to hire a pet funeral home service. Several pet funeral homes in the United States offer a wide array of services. The essential services rendered are usually wake services, pet cremations, and pet burial packages. Insurances, such as pet funeral insurance, are sometimes offered as well.

Pet memorial products, such as pet urns, pet caskets, and pet grave markers, are often available in the same stores that offer pet burial or cremation services.

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Considering the pain and suffering their death brings upon us, arranging a pet funeral for our beloved companions is helpful and could be regarded as indispensable.

We take our time to remember the special memories and even the regular days we spent together through having a pet funeral. That way, we can alleviate the pain. Do not let anyone belittle your grief and longing. The pain is real, and you must do what you can to handle it while savoring the memories you shared with them.