Cremation Jewelry Pieces for Your Beloved Pet

Wherever you went, whenever you got the chance, you took your pet with you. Why should that change even after your furry friend passes away? One of the best ways to remember your friend is by wearing pet cremation jewelry.

These pet jewelry pieces allow you to wear the ashes of your pet on you wherever you go. At first glance, they look like regular jewelry pieces. However, we know it’s more than just a fashion statement. It has a special place close by for your deceased pet that counts most.

Losing a pet is hard, but with pet cremation jewelry, your furry friend will always remain close to you.

If you wonder about the possible harmful effects of keeping your pets’ ashes close to you, keep your worries at bay. Wearing these pet jewelry with ashes is both safe and hygienic. The cremation process of up to 1,800 degrees burns away any potentially harmful chemical. Furthermore, the ashes are sealed inside your pet memorial jewelry, so spillover isn’t possible.

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Pet Cremation Necklace

People love this type of pet memorial jewelry because it's stylish, and it lays close to the heart. It sends a powerful message of love and an everlasting bond. The pet cremation necklace serves as a constant reminder of the memories that you once shared.

Pet cremation necklaces look lovely and elegant. These are sturdily designed to last and are safe for your pet’s ashes. It fits with any outfit, and no one will know that it’s a piece of jewelry for ashes.

If your deceased pet had a favorite toy or collar, you could get your necklace in a matching color for added customization. Take a look at our heart hinged necklace made of 14k gold-plated bronze and pewter.

Pet Cremation Bracelets

We also provide elegant pet cremation bracelets. If you are looking for jewelry to wear on your hands, these are both fashionable and comfortable. Similar to pet cremation necklaces, these appear like regular pieces of jewelry.

Pet cremation bracelets protect your pet's ashes from water and other external substances, such as food and drink. The premium materials used to make these bracelets safely lock your pet’s cremains, sealing the treasured memories you have with your pets as well. Check this paw charm bracelet made of 316 stainless steel with an enamel design.

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Keep a Piece To Remember Them By

Losing a pet is hard, but with pet cremation jewelry, your furry friend will always remain close to you. After their passing, there will be moments that you’d like to hold on to them once again, even just for one last time. With a pendant close to your heart or a bracelet you could wear all the time, you’d have something to look at and touch whenever you miss their presence.