How to Choose the Right Pet Urn for Your Beloved Furry Friend

It is difficult to figure out the best way to honor your furry friend’s life after they pass away. Pets are more than animals. They're valued and loved members of your family. Dealing with their deaths and the great deal of sorrow that comes with it is tremendously challenging and unimaginable. One of the best ways to help you and your family cope is to memorialize your pet.

Pet urns help you do this, but how do you pick the right one? Read on to learn more about what type of pet urn to choose.

Pets are more than animals. They're valued and loved members of your family.

What Size Do You Need?

The best way to determine the size of the pet urn you'll need is by your pet’s weight. Generally, you would need one cubic inch of urn space for each pound. However, we suggest allocating ten cubic inches of extra space to your pet urn to make sure that it's large enough. It's better to have extra space than have an urn that is too small to fit all your pet’s ashes.

For instance, the cremains of an 80-pound labrador retriever will fit perfectly in our 90 cubic inches Pet House Urn. If you plan on placing your pet's favorite toys or collars in the urn, you would need a larger one. You can also get jewelry, such as a pet cremation necklace that allows you to carry small amounts of ashes with you wherever you go.

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You should also consider the space that you plan on keeping the urn. For those setting aside an area for pet memorials, you should make the urn large enough to serve as the centerpiece. You can get unique memorial urns or personalized cremation urns that come in various shapes and sizes. You can also get pet urns shaped like an actual animal like our elegant Antique Pet Cat Urn.

Take a look at the Mittens & Max Exclusive Pet Urn Infographic Size Guide for more information.

What Type of Material Would You Want?

Traditional pet urns are usually clay, but you can also get one made from wood, brass, marble, or biodegradable materials. Practical differences and some emotional significance vary with each material, so it is essential to consider these.

Brass urns are a good option because they're sturdy and weather resistant. However, they're also heavy, so you should position it in a place that can handle its weight. Pet urns made from brass are timeless and graceful. You can get it engraved with your pet’s name and details. There are also unique designs to choose from, like this brass urn with paw prints.

Pet urns made from marble are similar to those of brass. Since marble is a solid material, pet urns made from these are durable and lasting. Marble pet urns usually have a touch of antiquity that could symbolize the golden years spent by your pet. The unique design of Autumn Marble Keepsake has hues of green, brown, yellow, and orange in its exterior.

If you’d like to get a pet urn made from organic materials, take a look at this pet urn in the shape of a heart made from bamboo and rice husk.

Will You Scatter The Ashes?

While many pet owners choose to set up a pet memorial with their urns, some choose to scatter their pet's ashes at a particular location, such as a river or in a favorite spot in their city.

Urns are usually entirely sealed to negate condensation inside the urn. You’ll need an unsealed urn that you can open if you’re planning on scattering the ashes. This Honeynut Photo Urn has a sliding panel compartment at the back that stores your pet’s cremains.

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Honor Your Pet's Life With A Pet Urn

While losing a pet is hard and emotionally devastating, it's essential to focus on your friend's life more than their passing. Think of all the good times you had with your pet and the happiness you brought to their life.

Setting up a memorial with a pet urn is a great way to accomplish this. We have a wide selection of pet urns for ashes to choose from should you need one. Take a look and memorialize your pet today.