What to Do with Pet Ashes: Is It Okay to Keep Them or Should They be Buried?

The loss of a pet is heart breaking, many similarities to losing a family member. The majority of pet owners will take their beloved pet to a Veterinarian to be cremated. The question most have is, now what?

What Is The Most Popular Option?

Most owners will bury their beloved pet, with grave stones and headstones. Pets may be cremated or buried in a pet cemetery. Some owners choose to place a small plaque at the headstone.

Others choose a small flag at the foot of their beloved pet. Some owners make a small urn for their pet’s ashes and place them in their home, while others choose to go against traditional methods and keep the ashes at home.

Where to Burial Ground Pet Cemeteries Most people will choose to bury their pet in the same location as they were buried. There are a few options to choose from.

Yard – A place outside your yard, where pet owners can pick up a small stone for their pet and scatter their ashes. Beach – Many people choose to bury their pets on the beach.

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Keep Them in a Pet Urn

The owner's choice is to take their pet to be cremated or to keep their remains in an urn, usually on a mantel or in a corner of the home, but not disposed of until the owner gets another pet.

Put Them in a Pet Casket A pet urn or casket has it's purpose. Many think that a dog should be buried with their owner, and that can be done.

Many people keep a box of ashes for the next pet they get, or put the remains in a jewelry box or jewelry box. They can also be kept in a small jar in a drawer. If one was not cremated, the ashes should be buried with the owner.

If one is cremated, the ashes are kept in an urn until the next pet is born. The ashes should then be buried with the next owner of the pet.

Burial Options

Many pet owners feel guilty about putting their beloved pet down for burial as the thought of being in the ground is something they don't want to do.

If the pet lived a good life and a peaceful passing they may feel it's better to bring the pet back home and bury the ashes in a family cemetery. Another option, if there is no grave space is to spread the ashes in a garden area or back yard, away from shrubs and trees.

Asking family and friends to plant a rose bush at the same site in remembrance of the pet.

Asking relatives to remember the animal by planting a rose bush in its name is the final option to save a loved one from reliving the nightmare of the loss of a beloved pet. Many owners use a custom plot in a cemetery or choose to be cremated.

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Ultimately, whether you choose to have your pet cremated or not is up to you. If you think you want a pet cemetery they are very popular. Start by checking out the local Pet Cemeteries & Crematoriums in your community. This is also a healthy part of the grief process no matter what choices you make. Your final decision will be the right one.