Pet Cremation: The Ultimate Guide for Pet Owners

Pet owners most likely have had to deal with the loss of a pet.

The pet hospital is usually the last time we see our beloved friends. We want to do something for our family friend other than walk away without any formal closure.

What Is Pet Cremation?

You may have heard of the word cremation or gone to a funeral home to pay your respects, but did you know that pet cremation is now a viable option? Although there are many opinions on the process, its purpose is to take your beloved pet and turn them into ashes that will eventually be placed in a permanent memorial.

Whether you want a concrete headstone or cremation of your dog or cat, it is important to know what this process involves and why it’s not for everyone. You may want to make this decision for the best of reasons, which might include saving money or disposing of unwanted pets.

But some people aren’t comfortable with this process. Let’s be honest, when you think about the disposal of your pet’s body, you probably cringe.

Why Do We Want To Cremate Our Pets?

There are several reasons why pet owners are opting to cremate their pets. Our pet’s burial is usually conducted by the local funeral home. The cost of cremation at these places is higher than burying the pet at the landfill.

Most pet owners are not aware of cremation, but many of us end up joining the funeral process. Not only are these costs more expensive than burial, but they are also high in taxes and fees.

After that initial cremation, the ashes are buried in a cemetery. But this isn’t cheap either. Many people now opt for cremation, or even cremation combined with a private burial. A number of pet owners turn to pet cremation because they don’t want their beloved pet to go to a landfill.

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What Kind Of Closure Does Pet Cremation Offer?

Pet cremation gives the family a formal closure. Pet cremation removes the body to make sure the body does not contaminate the soil. The pet body is then placed into a polyurethane-lined wooden box.

The end product is a wooden box which resembles a jewelry box. The dog or cat bones are placed in a separate pet urn, just in case you wanted to carry your pet around. When the family of a pet that has passed through the cremation center, the urn and the dog or cat bones are included in the cremation process.

This can only be done in a pet cremation center. There is a place on the front door of the cremation center where you can sign for your pet to be cremated. You can write a personal message on the urn. We also advise pet owners to include their pets name and when the pet passed.

How Can You Honor Your Friend's Memory?

There are many options available to pay tribute to your pet, regardless if you live in a city or on a farm. Some communities have memorial gatherings to honor their favorite animal while others offer to cremate your pet and create a tombstone.

Here's a list of other options that you can consider. Get a memorial service from a funeral home. You can easily contact many cemeteries in your area that offer this service. The company will provide you with a memorial card that you can display on your mantle or the cemetery website.

Memorial Service: In many cases, this is the simplest, cheapest, and safest way to pay tribute to your pet. The company will perform a service at the cemetery where you have decided to inter your pet.

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Formal cremations are costly and take a long time to carry out. Using a pet cremation service eliminates all of this by cutting the process short to allow you to grieve and celebrate the life of your pet quickly and with no cost.

Many people enjoy the convenience of finding a cremation company that delivers the results on time in a respectful and caring manner. This service makes it easier for grieving pet owners and provides them with the closure they seek.